PEACE for the Planet

I feel as PEACE has gained somewhat of a new meaning now, with everything that’s been happening to us and the earth.
Our planet is barking out in every possible way.
Never-ending wars generated by tyrannical leaders, racism, refugee flows, galloping environmental destruction and stampeding commercialism.
This in addition to the current pandemic, gives us every reason to unite and collaborate in creating a lasting solution for this world, where our children and grandchildren will grow up.
Now we must realize that it’s time for us to calm down.
We cannot continue like this!

Merit Hemmingson, organ and vocals

Ane Brun & Jennie Abrahamson, vocals

Linnea Olsson cello and vocals

Jonna Löfgren, drums

Cover design, Mark Ingelse

Video, Any moment productions

Recorded in Sandkvie studio, Visby

Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones at the Esquire Club (Sonet) 1967

Merit Hemmingson plays / Organ (RCA) 1968

Merit! / Piano (RCA) 1969

Huvva ! Svensk folkmusik på beat (EMI) 1971

Trollskog Mer svensk folkmusik på beat (EMI) 1972

Det for två vita duvor .. Folkton i Vikens kapell
M & Beppe Wolgers med Folkliga (EMI) 1973

Bergtagen M & Folkmusikgruppen (EMI) 1974

Balsam (EMI) 1975

Hoven Droven (EMI) 1977

Gästabud (EMI) 1979

Psalmer – men på mitt vis (EMI) 1979

Bellman lever M & Bengan Karlsson (Lekstugan) 1983

Njutningar (Lekstugan) 1986

Interkontinental kompromiss M & Martin St. Hill & Celia Linde (RCA) 1987

Från Orup till Bellman M & Dana Dragomir (LCM) 1988

Merry Christmas M & Dana Dragomir (Eagle) 1989

På nya vingar M & Spelman (Norske Gram) 1996

Cornelis kvinnfolk M & Anita Strandell (Lady Bird) 1998

En plats i Skogen M & gästartister (Mariann) 2002

Merit – Queen of Swedish Hammond Folk Groove (Bonnier Amigo) 2005 – Saml. album

Touch (Bonnier Amigo) 2006

EQ (Amigo) 2011

Hommage till Jan (FireEgg) 2014

MERIT (FireEgg) 2016

PEACE (FireEgg) 2019


Stockholm, Fasching

Göteborg, Pustervik . Loney Dear

Gävle Konserthus

Bollnäs Kulturhus

Malmö, Victoriateatern

Lund, Mejeriet

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